Linda Rogers

Wearable fiber art can be a fantastic way to express your unique sense of style while also supporting sustainable fashion practices. Upcycling and repurposing fabric helps reduce waste and conserves resources, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

In addition to being environmentally conscious, wearing handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces can bring a sense of joy and individuality to your wardrobe. It's always exciting to wear something that nobody else has, and fiber art pieces are sure to get noticed and spark conversations. 

Overall, incorporating wearable fiber art into your life can add a unique and joyful touch to your personal style while also promoting sustainability and creativity. 


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"I had the pleasure of having a quilt jacket made by Linda and she did an awesome job.  I love colors and she was able to make it very colorful so I can match it to anything I am wearing.  The first time I wore it out to a restaurant, I got a lot of compliments and looks because it is so unique.  Our friends in NJ were visiting SC and Sandy also wanted one and Linda was able to create one in more of a black and white theme and our friends loved it.  Thanks so much Linda and glad we met"!  



In praise of Foundfiber!

I have been collecting artistic creations by Foundfiber for many years.  I have several pieces of fiber art on my walls, a pillow on a chair, and jacket in my closet.  There is a piece by Foundfiber in every room of my home…you might even say that Foundfiber is a thread running through my home.

Linda Rogers has a unique gift for taking seemingly random pieces of fabric and putting them together to make beautiful and completely unique pieces.  Every piece that she creates is a distinctive and joyous explosion of color.  Her attention to detail ensures that each crafted piece is perfectly put together.

Purchasing an item from Foundfiber will give you the opportunity to add a bit of color, cheerfulness, and whimsy to your life.  

-Martha O., CT





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